About 10secondjourneys

This is a site dedicated to delving into the contemporary global ideological and political climate, particularly in regard to race, borders, refugees, and terror. It is a project to explore the underlying currents and economies at work which manifest themselves in ways of thinking about the issues. Some questions I hope to explore are: how does the Western history of race, particularly its development in a New World context, play out on the world stage? How is it used to dehumanize and vilify certain “Othered” groups, and what unifies those groups in the cultural imaginary of those that other them? For instance, why is a Sikh man attacked in Chicago after a few EU nationals attack a places in Paris? Why aren’t Christians-looking people attacked after a radical Christian shoots up an office building or a school? Why doesn’t there seem to be Christian-looking people? What are the means of identifying “same” groups and “othered” groups? And what is the genealogy of these identifications? And so on.


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